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Motherhood: Decisions...Decisions (The decision to become a mom).

Many times in the black community, having a child is not a calculated, thought out decision. Well, for me and my husband it was! We wanted to make sure that we were as ready as we could be knowing the type of responsibility having a child would bring. Follow me through my journey of motherhood. We all know moms just figure it out as we go along!

I was never the type of child who played “mom” with my dolls. I would baby sit my little cousins when they were younger, but for me it was fun. We played, did nails and it would be a good way to get out of the house. I always knew that I would have children but I was in no rush to have them. I got married when I was 21 but neither one of were ready for children. My husband was ready well before I was. We decided that 25 was a “good age” for me to try and get pregnant. As I got closer and closer to 25 we realized that we should wait a little longer. He was back and forth to NYC pursing his comedy career and we felt that we should wait a little while longer. We loved traveling and not having to find childcare like most of our friends. After 2 miscarriages and difficulty conceiving we finally got pregnant! I was very hesitant to tell anyone because although I was excited, a part of me did not want to say anything with fear that the pregnancy would end in miscarriage.


We finally decided to announce my pregnancy at my 30th birthday party. All of my friends were confused as to why I was just having a “small” gathering for my family at my moms house for my 30th birthday. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE a good party. Especially because I have an event planning company. The year prior I had a huge celebration to launch my clothing line at a venue so it didn’t make sense to them that I was having something “small and simple” for my 30th. When guests arrived they still thought that it was a simple birthday party, but one of the games was a scavenger hunt which exposed the secret that we had been keeping for nearly 20 weeks (half of my pregnancy).

Motherhood: Well, the cat is out of the bag!

Although my friends and family were aware, we still decided not to announce on social media. My husband was so patient with me! I know that he wanted to tell everyone the moment that I told him but he waited until the 20 week announcement and then I told him he could post on his social media. One day we decided to stop past The Raven Lounge and the owner John gifted us the babies first onesie!!

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