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We believe in serving our community and children as the future of our community. When a parent experiences life-changing events, it impacts their children. The weight of the responsibilities can make them feel buried. We are here to be a light in those dark times. Beauty Over Ashes helps to ease the burden of the trials of life by offering services to individuals and families who have experienced loss. The goal is to provide resources to aid parents and, by doing so, encourage fruitful outcomes for the children. Cultivating community through outreach, providing services, and sharing resources will offer the support needed during difficult seasons.



This package is for families who have fallen on hard times. The package includes infant supplies, childcare stipends, or the Chris Cotton childcare scholarship.

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This package is for widows/widowers. The package includes the mommy care package, grief therapy, doula services, and more.

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This package is for parents who have lost a significant other. This package includes doula services, grief therapy, and infant supplies.

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This package is for single parents of infants. The package includes infant supplies such as diapers, wipes, and a big ticket item such as a stroller or car seat.

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Serving families through their grieving process is at the forefront of what we do. Widows (Willows) and widowers are many times an overlooked population. It is our mission to let those who have lost a spouse know that they are seen, heard, and loved. Young Willows is our community of women who have lost their husbands before the age of 45. This community was created due to the lack of resources for young black women who have experienced the loss of their husbands. 

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