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Thank you for visiting Beauty over Ashes.

Dear Blog Reader

This platform was initially a blog I created to share my story and help those with similar stories (Origin Story). When I lost my husband in 2019, I realized that no one (at least not that I could find) in their 30s was talking about the loss of a spouse. Add to that, being pregnant and how they coped with grief and loss while becoming a parent simultaneously. That's a mouthful! My goal for this blog is to discuss topics that many of us can comprehend. Whether you are a widow, single parent, or dealing with grief, I want you to know that you are not alone. 


In life, we experience moments that feel AMAZING and like we are on top of the world! On the other hand, things also happen that are TERRIBLE, and we may want to crawl into a ball and never get up. My goal is to help your perception of these events as we learn to embrace the BEAUTY in these situations.


Please be mindful that some posts may have opinions that differ from yours. Please know that these are accounts of true-life events. All blog posts are written to inspire, uplift, and shed light on the many experiences that women like myself face. I aim to be as transparent as possible; with that said, there will likely be posts that may not have a "happy ending." I may describe emotions that I feel when I am sad and overwhelmed with different emotions. The hope is that this will help you understand that we all have moments in life that weigh us down. Again, you are not alone. Confronting those emotions and developing healthy coping mechanisms will help us get through those times together. 


Thank you for taking the time to let me share my life with you. I pray that these posts can be helpful to you on your journey. Please feel free to send a message with topics, questions, or advice. Thank you!

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