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It never happens like this....EVER!

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Our unique love story.....(lets start from the begining)

He was a football player and I was a cheerleader. I know what you are thinking....well those are the facts but its really not as cute as it seems......he just saw a slim thick girl lower classman in her cheerleading uniform and wanted her number. Neither one of us had the intention that we would be together after he graduated. My God Brother gave me his number (knowing that he wasn't my type) and I just so happened to call him. I had a boyfriend at the time so I was just calling to call. Of course he got what he wanted because a few months later me and my boyfriend broke up and the rest was history!

We were both Christian and I even began attending his church after a few years. His father is the pastor of the church that he attended and his uncle's cousin is the Bishop. It is a small family church but it has groomed me into the God Fearing woman that I have become. I remember a few months before we even became a couple I was at a joy night with my church choir and I prayed that the Lord send me someone who was just right for me. Although I was only 15, I saw myself going down a path that was unpleasing to the Lord and I figured that if I had someone in my life who was also saved, that I would make better spiritual decisions.

After weeks of trying to track him down (it should not have been that hard our school wasn't that big) we finally decided to date. He had never had a girlfriend before. He told me that he knew if we started dating that I would be his first and last girlfriend (which is why he was avoiding me). He was a senior and I was a sophomore so once he graduated and went to college we decided to break up. I had been cheated on in the past so i figured if we broke up he was free to do whatever he wanted and I would protect myself from being hurt. That lasted for a few months, but by spring semester we were back together. I am always hesitant to tell young girls our story because I don't want them to think that it is common for highschool relatiohsips to evolve into marraiges. Although I do know some couples who met this way, there are many relationships that end after graduation. The important details of the story were never that we were highschool sweathearts, that was just where we met. The most important facts of our unique love story is that we were both saved, God fearing teens trying to navigarte the world in a way that didnt severly compromise our Christianity. This relationship like all relationships had it's ups and downs, and trust me, I will be sharing those moments with you all as well!

>Our unique love story.....(lets start from the begining)man who compliments you, someone who wants you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. They should encourage you to be better and feed into you spiritually. My husband was really big on me having my “own life” outside of our partnership. He never wanted to be my EVERYTHING. Don’t get me wrong, we loved each other and helped to build each other up, but he wanted to be sure that I wasn’t so involved in him that I neglected myself and more important my relationship with God. Our relationship with God is one of the most important relationships that we will ever have.

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